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Privacy Statement: How we use Cookies

Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit user interactive websites.

We use cookies to help identify your computer/mobile device so we can tailor your user experience and optimize settings, track your community points and remember where you are in the order process.

You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may stop our website from functioning properly.

The following is strictly necessary in the operation of our website.

This Website Will:

    Remember where you are using the Google Location service (optional)
    Remember that you are logged in and that your session is secure. You need to be logged in to complete an order.

The following are not Strictly Necessary, but are required to provide you with the best user experience and also to tell us which pages you find most interesting (anonymously).

Community points and game 'Chips'

    Cookie do not remember your community points, that information is stored in our secure database.
    Personal information about your community points purchases are also never stored in cookies.

Functional Cookies

This Website Will:

    Offer Live Chat Support (see chat bar at the bottom of the site)
    Track the pages and features you visits via an in-house analytical statistical software.
    Store chat history on the chat bar feature, you can delete your chat history in the app settings
    Track, monitor and investigate any illegal activity and/or hack attempts.
    Note: information may be passed onto the appropriate authorities if requested.

Targeting Cookies

This Website Will:

    Allow you to share pages with social networks such as Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | and other social networking websites.
    Allow you to share pages via Add This (options on forums)

To view the ‘Add This’ Privacy Policy or to opt out of any online behavioural advertising, please visit Add This and click on the ‘Opt Out’ button.

This website will not

    Share any personal information with ANY third party sites or companies, PERIOD!!