Need a reason to join Zurker?

  • We offer you FREE social communications and multi-functional customisable profiling, with complete control over your privacy. Choose who sees what and who can respond to your contributions. You also control your 'live' and email notifications.

  • We prefer not to pester you with pointless questions while registering. That's a good thing, isn't it? So for now we've reduced the registration form to a minimum, so you can get to the juicy stuff allot quicker.

  • You don't need to register with your 'real' name, or for that matter even a true likeness avatar of yourself, no we offer you exclusive complete anonymity so you can communicate more freely with the fellow citizens, not just immediate friends and family. Everyone here has come from many different continents and from a wide variety of cultures. We encourage everyone to conduct themselves in a civil and responsible manner, we don't however want to make you feel that we are acting like big brother over your every word and contribution.

  • believe in freedom of speech, we want to assure you we offer just that, freedom to say whatever you want, but if post content that is deemed inappropriate by other citizens, as a whole they police your content. We do not like to intervene in disputes about a citizens contributions, unless absolutely essential to site harmony.

  • The zChat platform is provided free of charge to anyone, without having to register on our main site. Compatible with most Android devices and support, also supports Safari browser. You can chat anywhere, any-time safe in the knowledge that your communications stay private and secure.

  • We value your citizenship, we use a community reward system and Profile Activity Ranking awarded on a high percentage of our in-site features and  activities, this includes activities like completing and/or updating your profile page, to replying to your friends messages and posts.

    We also include prizes for various games and raffles we promote from time to time. The points system at the moment is primarily for fun and personal status within the site's profile ranking system. But keep up with your contributions, they could amount to something one day!

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